30 Days Of Network Building: The First 5 Days

30 days hath the month of April, and I’m challenging myself every day this month to create a new network-building post (based on a “special” day of the month). Why am I doing this? As noted, it is a creative challenge for me to come up with daily, relevant, content — but the reality is, while a lot of life is on pause, building connections are not. The intent of these posts it to encourage you to continue to connect, in consistent, daily, ways with people in your life.

Below is a rundown of the first 5 days of my network-building suggestions.

April 1. First day of 30 days of #BYDN #network-building tips inspired by the endless number of “special” days this month.

Today is National Walking Day. National Walking Day was created by the American Heart Association to remind people about the health benefits to walking. The goal of this special day is also used to encourage the healthy habit of regular walks.

What can we do with this networkers, since we’re social distancing, and all of us rushing out to go for a walk or hike is not the smartest move. Can you take a virtual walk with someone? Could you call a friend and walk + talk around your home? I did this last week, and managed to clock in 3000+ steps in my small NYC apt! Could you run an errand for a friend or neighbor who has less mobility than you?

On a less active note, did you take walking meetings with colleagues when you were at the office? Why not let your colleagues know that you’re looking forward to doing that again. Does a walk spark a memory or shared experience with someone in your network? If so, reach out to let them know you were thinking of them today.

April 2 is Reconciliation Day, a special day to patch relationships and to make amends.

It’s intention is to re-establish relationships. My guess is that today immediately makes you think of a few people who you’ve let go in your life or have not talked to in a long while.

Is there a way to extend an olive branch or, on a less negative note, can you take some time today to craft an email in the hopes of re-connecting?

If you’re reconnecting after a long-silence, do sleuth around before leaping into their inbox or inMail or the comments section on latest social media post, as you don’t want to magnify the absence with out of date facts or some other social faux pas.

April 3 and day 3 of my #30daysofnetworkbuilding.

Today is walk to work day….which for many of us means simply getting out of bed and taking a few steps to the desk or kitchen table. Now, this day, is to encourage us to walk to work (which may or may not be realistic regardless of COVID-19).

So, what to do with today, as ultimately the goal is to encourage you to WALK for 30 minutes (not just today, but everyday). I’ve previously suggested walking in place during a Zoom or video chat. Get everyone to do it, just like the hokey pokey, and all of sudden, walking turns into network + team building.

Or call a co-worker instead of simply texting back + forth for 30 minutes, make it a walk + talk back + forth for 30 minutes. Turn it into a collegial challenge each other to see who gets the most steps in over the call (or workday).

Day 4 of the #30DaysOfNetworkBuilding.

April 4 is School Librarian Day — — a day that honors those who serve our young students so well in the local school libraries. Well. If you know your school librarian or remember who that person was, reach out to them today — send a note, post on FB about how much you value their contributions, share a book or story or author you’ve discovered on the basis of their recommendation.

None of the above applies to you? Well, here are a few ideas to do just that:

(1) Call a friend who is juggling homeschooling on top of all their other work/life commitments. Offer to read to or with their kids — a virtual read-a-long or story time.

(2) Contract your local bookstore, see if they are able to do a curb side drop off, if yes, order up books to re-up the reading supply for someone you know — — or splurge on the same book for a group of friends and start a book club (this would sort of make you a fairy godmother librarian).

(3) Write a book review or two. Yes, writing book reviews or recommendations fall within my definition of networking (plus they matter both for authors and for those seeking a book to read).

What are your ideas or suggestions for network-building on School Librarian Day?

Day 5 of #30daysofneworkbuilding and happy National Dandelion Day.

The durable and persistent dandelion, a resilient survivor, deserves a special day set aside to honor it.

Dandelions are oh so much more than lawn weeds. Dandelion leaves are edible, and are savored in soups and salads. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D. Native Americans used it for medicinal purposes.

In case self isolation goes on indefinitely, I note that dandelions are used in making wine and for tea, too.

Now, you can celebrate National Dandelion Day in many ways. Volunteer to mow someone’s lawn (at a safe social distance). Eat your own lawn…..or just search and share some recipes for dandelion greens.

Or consider the qualities of the hearty dandelion. It’s strong and wildly under-appreciated — — so maybe give pause to consider someone you’ve overlooked, labeled or under-appreciated in your network or on your team. Perhaps it is time to look at them in a new light?




Design the career you’re destined to have around the relationships you’re building today // Facilitator + Strategic Advisor + Coach + Author

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J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey

Design the career you’re destined to have around the relationships you’re building today // Facilitator + Strategic Advisor + Coach + Author

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