Thursday, September 23rd, 7:00–8:00 p.m. ET

Writer and editor Michelle Burford has co-authored ten memoirs and six New York Times best sellers (three of which debuted at #1) including Just As I Am written with legendary actress Cicely Tyson (who tragically passed away on January 28, 2021, two days following…

Wednesday, August 4th, 5:00–6:00 p.m. ET

The bestselling author of American Housewife and Southern Lady Code returns with a viciously funny, deeply felt collection of essays on friendship among grown-ass women.

Networking expert Kelly Hoey has not shied away from the podcast mic while the Build Your Dream Network podcast is on hiatus! …

Yes, the Build Your Dream Network is on hiatus however, you don’t have to completely forego receiving Kelly’s networking know-how in podcast format. Check out these recent podcast interviews with Kelly, covering careers, marketing, business and a whole lot more:

More Than A Fallback: J. Kelly Hoey is more than…

A friend DM’d me on Insta this image the other week with the note “sounds like great networking advice — reminds me of you!!!”

She’s right. It is great networking advice.

What is it about the grass is greener saying. Quite simply, it’s the idea that the things we…

Successful women aren’t like the rest of us…

Research shows that successful women have structurally different networks than successful men (as well as other women) — and that they use their networks differently.

Time to learn how to #BYDN the way successful women do.

Yes, as a networking expert and the author of Build Your Dream Network I’m geeking out on this growing body of research — so much so that I’m seeking women at any career stage, who are willing to participate in a weekly multiple choice survey for 10 weeks. The weekly survey questions are focused on your career, professional ambitions and yes, networking habits. And yes, your answers are completely anonymous.

Are you in?

Raise your hand by completing this short survey to get on the list

Shameless humor and wild wit are guaranteed when Women’s Media Group celebrates Annabelle Gurwitch’s new book, You’re Leaving When? (HBO special forthcoming). The author will tell all with fearless performance artist and fellow comedian Sandra Tsing Loh, who deemed Annabelle’s new book “A cheering midlife romp!”

You’re Leaving When? is…

Build Your Dream Network author, Kelly Hoey recently shared her career story with Kami Guildner, founder of Extraordinary Women Radio.

In this episode, Kelly shares:

  • Her humble career journey as an attorney, how she was able to make a shift because of her networking and why she finally decided to…

Before You Start Networking

First impressions are formed at the first encounter and thanks to social networks, your first impression is made before the informational interview or initial meeting is even scheduled — so start your professional networking off strong by polishing up your online profile(s).

LinkedIn dominates the “professional” networking space so ensure…

In another brilliant, high energy discussion between Business Builder Show host Marty Wolff and networking expert, J. Kelly Hoey, they dive into how to approach networking and forging powerful relationships in a hyper-connected and Covid-19 world.

Is IRL really dead? Are there new ways to use social media to stay…

J. Kelly Hoey

Speaker + Author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World

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