Does this sound like you:

A. when you hear the word “networking” you cringe; or

B. you imagine networking as a task for “another time” (such as when you need something, like a reference, introduction or referral); or

C. both A + B are how you feel about networking.


Recently, I was interviewed by Melissa Moore, host of The Retail TeaBreak podcast talk to discusses how retailers and product makers can connect successfully. This is no business card exchange or boring coffee mornings conversation! Instead, it is full of practical strategies and cracking examples of how small business owners…

Successful women aren’t like the rest of us…

Research shows that successful women have structurally different networks than successful men (as well as other women) — and that they use their networks differently.

Time to learn how to #BYDN the way successful women do.

Yes, as a networking expert and the author of Build Your Dream Network I’m geeking out on this growing body of research — so much…

J. Kelly Hoey

Speaker + Author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World

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