The Power of Peer Networks

Well. Seems that humans are not the only social “creatures” who benefit from peer networks. Researchers at Georgetown University and Duke University report that young dolphins need to “network” with their peers — to socialize, forge bonds and learn skills that will make them successful adult dolphins (success = survival strategies!).

Peer networks are typically overlooked or reluctantly embraced in our hyper-competitive world, rather than being viewed as a source of support and competitive advantage.

If someone stopped you to ask “what’s most important to you right now?” you’d likely list friends, colleagues, classmates, co-workers — — you’d say relationships when competition for a job, promotion or other recognition could beg to differ. Actions speak louder than sentimental statements. When operating in an environment with so many factors outside of your control, why don’t you firmly take control of what you can control:

  • how you interact with or show up for others
  • when you choose to share or pass along information

What to listen for in this episode of the #BYDN podcast:

  • 00:38 The glass is refillable: what does this mean for networking?
  • 02:11 Why is it so important to cultivate your network amongst your peers?
  • 04:00 Guidance for networking with peers
  • 04:32 Build your dream network challenges

“Peer networks are your career success strategy.”

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Design the career you’re destined to have around the relationships you’re building today // Facilitator + Strategic Advisor + Coach + Author

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J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey

Design the career you’re destined to have around the relationships you’re building today // Facilitator + Strategic Advisor + Coach + Author

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